Medibio partners with Swinburne University

Company News

Medibio (ASX:MEB) has partnered with Swinburne Software Innovation Lab (SSIL) to evaluate it wrist-based wearable devices.

The company said SSIL has started a rigorous examination of the data quality and suitability of leading-based wearable devices for potential integration and connectivity to Medibio’s Digital Mental Health Platform (DMHP).

Globally there is an accelerating trend for health insurance, life insurance, wellness providers, and corporate workplaces to provide wearables for their members and employees as part of general wellness programs.

Medibio said successfully integrating its platform with those systems would make it uniquely placed to provide its solution for Stress Assessment and cost effectively scale global market coverage of its Stress diagnostics.

The evaluation process is also a key prerequisite for the delivery of a Consumer Stress App to market. The first stage evaluation is expected to be completed in March 2016.