Lucy Turnbull sticks with Prima BioMed

Company News

Lucy Turnbull will remain Chair of Australian biotechnology company Prima BioMed.

Prima BioMed is a clinical stage immuno-oncology company, currently in product collaborations with Novartis and GSK.

Ms Turnbull said she would reassess her corporate commitments following her husband's elevation to the prime ministership in September.

She has subsequently stood down as deputy chairman of Australia’s largest private ferry operator, SeaLink Travel Group, but was yesterday re-elected Chair of Prima Biomed at its Annual General Meeting yesterday.

"The Board is delighted that Lucy is standing for re-election," said Non-Executive Director Russell Howard. "Despite her considerable new responsibilities, she remains committed to development of Prima’s immunotherapy products for the benefit of cancer patients, as well as Prima shareholders. Lucy has made a highly valued contribution to the Board over the past 5 years. We have her ongoing support and counsel going forward."