Long COVID-19 study identifies novel blood markers as potential targets

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Antisense Therapeutics (ASX:ANP) has announced outcomes from its collaboration to study the neurological aspects of Long COVID-19 with US-based researchers.

The research was led by Dr Igor Koralnik at the Northwestern Medicine Neuro-COVID clinic in Chicago.

The study has elucidated novel blood markers as potential diagnostic and therapeutic targets in the treatment of Long COVID-19 patients. Antisense said three provisional patent applications have been filed in the US.

Under the collaboration, blood samples that had been collected from Long COVID-19 patients who had not been hospitalised were used to generate data on up to 7,000 proteins in the blood utilising a large-scale protein analysis known as proteomics. 

Proteomics group Somalogic in Colorado undertook the analysis, successfully testing the samples using their SomaScan assay. The data was analysed using their Dataviz program.

Antisense said the analysed data has identified a number of proteins that are significantly modulated in the blood of Long Neuro COVID-19 patients when compared to convalescent subjects who had recovered from Long COVID-19 infection with no persistent symptoms and to healthy subjects.

According to Dr George Tachas, the director of drug discovery at Antisense Therapeutics, “We are delighted to report on the initial outcomes from this novel and leading scientific collaboration with Professor Koralnik and his team. Our data has identified potential new avenues towards diagnoses and treatment of a disease that has negatively impacted the lives of over a hundred million people around the world. We look forward to continuing scientific advancements in the space in collaboration with Professor Koralnik and the further important IP that we anticipate emerging from this important scientific collaboration.”