Little Green Pharma announces first commercial shipment to the UK

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Australian medicinal cannabis company Little Green Pharma (ASX:LGP) has announced the export of its first commercial quantities to the UK.

The company said the shipment to the LYPHE Group was made under a consignment sales agreement for over 1,000 units of medicinal cannabis oil.

LYPHE is the parent company of Astral Health. Little Greem Pharma previously announced it delivered a 'pathfinder shipment' to Astral Health in April 2020. 

LYPHE has an established patient-access and distribution system. It will prescribe and dispense Little Green Pharma's medicinal cannabis products to patients at its clinics. It will also collect and report real-world anonymised data investigating the efficacy, safety, quality of life and patient-reported outcomes.

Little Green Pharma (LGP) described the shipment as "strategically important" because "it serves to demonstrate a viable commercial channel into the UK".

"While LGP anticipates the realised sales price for the units will be higher than its Australian wholesale pricing, the Company does not expect the potential sales revenue generated by this shipment to be financially material," said the company in a statement.

"LGP also anticipates receiving its expanded Cultivation and Production Permit in the near term, which will provide significant additional cultivation capacity to help LGP meet UK and EU market demand. LGP anticipates making its first export of medicinal cannabis products to Germany by Q4CY2020," it added.