LBT Innovations subsidiary appoints APAS Independence distributor for Europe

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Australian medical technology company LBT Innovations (ASX:LBT) has announced the appointment of Thermo Fisher Scientific as the exclusive distributor for the APAS Independence in Europe.

The announcement has been made through LBT Innovations' wholly-owned subsidiary Clever Culture Systems (CCS).

The appointment expands the existing distribution agreement for the APAS Independence in the US to include countries across Western and Eastern Europe.

The agreement includes sales and marketing activities as well as providing installation, maintenance and support services to customers in Europe.

The company has worked with Beckman Coulter as its European Marketing Agent since July 2020.

Under the arrangement, Beckman Coulter provided marketing and lead generation services promoting the APAS Independence in Germany, the United Kingdom and France.

All active sales opportunities are owned by CCS, without restriction, and will be transferred to Thermo Fisher as part of the transition.

LBT CEO and managing director, Brent Barnes, “Our experience in the United States has shown the benefit of having a full distribution partner with the brand reputation and sales reach of Thermo Fisher. We have learnt from our first year working together, and this established relationship is expected to accelerate our commercial success with customers in Europe.”