LBT Innovations confirms sale of APAS Independence to German company

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Australian medical technology company LBT Innovations (ASX:LBT) has announced the sale of an APAS Independence with MRSA analysis module to the Limbach Group based in Germany.

The company said the purchase has been made following the successful six-month evaluation of the technology.

The company said the transaction was completed directly by LBT’s 50 per cent owned joint venture company, Clever Culture Systems (CCS), and includes a five-year software licence for the MRSA analysis module as well as an ongoing service contract for the instrument.

Labor Dr Gärtner, based in Ravensburg, is a technology company within the Limbach Group, the largest network of laboratories in Germany, operating more than 30 laboratories.

LBT Innovations said the installation, calibration and ongoing maintenance of the APAS instrument will be completed locally by CCS’s appointed Service Provider, oneservice AG.

According to CEO and managing director, Brent Barnes, “This sale commences an exciting relationship, not just with Labor Dr Gärtner, but with the broader Limbach Group. We look forward to supporting the laboratory through the installation process and continuing to work with them to ensure ongoing success which we expect will be keenly watched by the broader Limbach Group for whom the potential efficiencies across all their labs could be significant. I am also thrilled for the team who have worked extremely hard over a number of months to support Labor Dr Gärtner throughout the evaluation and the sales process.”