Late-stage trial for Dimerix's investigative COVID-19 treatment

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Dimerix is partnering with the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre at the University of Sydney to expand a feasibility/phase 3 trial of its DMX-200 drug candidate to treat COVID-19 sufferers with respiratory complications.

The company said a feasibility/phase 3 trial of DMX-200, called CLARITY 2.0, is already approved and underway in India.

The new trial, which will be overseen by Professor Meg Jardine of the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, will recruit a total of 600 COVID-19 patients for treatment over 28 days with long-term outcomes assessed over 26 weeks.

DMX-200 is a single oral capsule taken twice a day. The CLARITY 2.0 trial will seek to test whether DMX-200 improves the health outcomes for patients with COVID-19.

“A safe, affordable, and effective oral treatment would be a huge advance in the fight against COVID-19. Even with the widespread uptake of vaccines, there will be some who remain susceptible to the virus. Improving treatments for patients hospitalised with COVID-19 remains crucial.

"We are delighted to be part of a team working towards a treatment that could benefit COVID-19 patients globally,” said Professor Meg Jardine, the director of the NHMRC Clinical Trial Centre at the University of Sydney.