Labor announces advanced manufacturing plan

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A Shorten Labor Government says it will invest $59 million to attract advanced manufacturing investment to areas hit by the closure of the car industry.

In a statement, Mr Shorten said Labor will provide pathways to new jobs for skilled workers by attracting new business investment in advanced manufacturing.

"Firms will be given new incentives to diversify into new products and markets and employ automotive workers who have lost their jobs," he said.

"It's estimated that for every one automotive job, 6.5 jobs are generated in associated supply. Modelling suggests that 200,000 people will lose their jobs as a result of closures in motor vehicle production between now and 2017."

$48.1 million will be provided to specifically stimulate investment in new opportunities in advanced manufacturing, said Labor.

"Rather than duplicate programs at the State and Federal level, Labor will leverage the work already done by State Governments and supplement existing state programs, both by increasing the resources these programs can draw on and by expanding their scope."