IonOpticks launches a new age of proteomics with Aurora Frontier

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Australian company IonOpticks has launched Aurora Frontier which it says unlocks the potential for new scientific discoveries in human health.

Proteomics provides a greater understanding of the complexity of life than other forms of in-depth biological research approaches, such as genomics, because it provides deeper insight into the structure and function of proteins and how they react within the cell in response to their environment.

The director and head of research at IonOpticks and laboratory head at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI), Associate Professor Andrew Webb, said that proteomics has long been acknowledged as the future of medical research by the scientific community.

“We’ve entered the post-genomic era and the scientific community is digging deeper into areas where genomics has reached its limits. Proteomics is the final frontier in allowing us to understand biology to a level that enables us to fully understand and manipulate disease,” said Associate. Professor Webb.

“Proteomics will revolutionise all levels of medical research and ultimately, impact how researchers make discoveries that can improve human health.

“Frontier allows researchers to get as much as possible from their samples, which are often precious and very labour-intensive to generate. Having a deeper understanding of the proteome will help with understanding disease, defining opportunities for early diagnosis in addition to increasing our capacity to identify targets and monitor outcomes for the benefit of therapy intervention."

IonOpticks said that despite the awareness of the potential of proteomics, advancements in research have been held back by the lack of innovative technology available to drive progress. The capabilities in mass spectrometry have improved significantly over the last decade, however, its true potential is only realised when paired with the best possible chromatographic column.

“We know that the limits of scientific discoveries are defined by the tools available. We developed this product to enhance the world of proteome analysis with greater precision than ever before, significantly amplifying possibilities for scientific discoveries,” said Dr Jarrod Sandow, the director and head of product development at IonOpticks.

“The Aurora Frontier gives the opportunity to understand the proteome at greater depths than mass spectrometry has ever achieved before, opening up possibilities of discoveries that could not have been accomplished with existing technologies.”

“Together with the extended IonOpticks range and improved mass spectrometry capabilities, the technology that underpins proteomics research is now affordable, robust, reproducible, sensitive, easy to use and fast enough to allow the field of proteomics to flourish,” added Dr Sandow.