InvitroCue expands 3D cell-based platform

Company News

Sydney-based InvitroCue (ASX:IVQ), a leader in advanced bio-analytics, is planning to enter the oncology testing market for drugs to provide data points in selected solid tumours.

Using its 3D cell-based technology and processes, InvitroCue will culture patient derived cancer cells in its laboratories for testing against a panel of approved drugs and new drug candidates.

Onco-PDOTM will enable InvitroCue to grow in its laboratories patient-derived tumour cells (an organoid) initially for biopharmaceutical companies, medical researchers and academic institutions to help understand the impact of cancer treatments prior to advancing clinical trials.

Onco-PDO may also create a new market for personalised drug testing using approved drugs to improve individual treatment outcomes in selected solid tumours.

“InvitroCue’s technology is being deployed to grow patient organoids in the laboratory to
understand, evaluate and predict cancer treatment outcomes,” said Dr Steven Fang,
Executive Director. “By broadening our revenue portfolio through Onco-PDO, we aim to deliver greater shareholder value and business risk mitigation through the expansion of our service offerings in the field of oncology.”