Immuron reports strong first quarter Travelan sales

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Immuron (ASX:IMC), an Australian microbiome biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercialising oral immunotherapeutics for the treatment of gut mediated diseases, has announced strong sales results for Travelan for the three months to the end of September.

Travelan is an over-the-counter, gastrointestinal and digestive health supplement.

According to the company, it recorded strong growth in the US and Australia for the quarter, reporting sales of $143,000 in the US, a 197 per cent increase on the corresponding period last year. It recorded a 22 per cent jump in Australian sales, to $330,000.

Immuron attributed the performance to a new trade marketing strategy implemented earlier this year, including a pharmacy education program, increased distribution points, improved on-shelf positioning in pharmacies, increased point-of-sale advertising collateral, and a full 12-month trade promotional program.

“We are excited to see such significant sales growth for our Travelan product in both the US and Australian commercial markets, something which we believe is fuelled by brand recognition,” said Dr Jerry Kanellos, CEO of Immuron.

“The recent marketing efforts undertaken by the team are helping us educate consumers on the benefits of prebiotics like Travelan whilst gaining an understanding as to how the product can support their daily health regimens to ultimately convert interested individuals who need this supplement the most, into customers. We anticipate continued growth of our sales figures as our marketing strategy maintains and builds upon this exposure resulting in an overall increased market share for Travelan.”