HealthTech InnovationAus award finalists announced


Tessara Therapeutics,, and Baymatob were selected as finalists in the 2023 InnovationAus Awards for Excellence’s HealthTech category.

Australia’s healthtech superstars are being celebrated at the 2023 InnovationAus Awards for Excellence, which recognises the leading technology and innovation contributors in Australia.

The 2023 InnovationAus Awards for Excellence recently unveiled finalists for 11 awards categories, which include more than 30 Australian companies representing technologies and sectors ranging from quantum computing to artificial intelligence, to hydrogen production, healthcare, and food.

Australian healthtech companies Baymatob, and Tessara Therapeutics were announced as HealthTech Award finalists for their respective products and recent advancements.

Tessara Therapeutics’ RealBrain platform – Developed by Melbourne-based Tessara Therapeutics, RealBrain® are microscopic 3D models of healthy and diseased brain tissues that can be used to study and discover superior and more sustainable drugs to treat neurological diseases. RealBrain® models feature human cells in 3D architecture with functional neural networks. As a result of these features, Tessara’s RealBrain® models more accurately predict the responses of human brain tissue in a highly scalable and reproducible way. The RealBrain® platform also enables faster identification of better drug candidates, de-risks drug development and reduces the use of animals in research.

Annalise Enterprises CXR Developed by and I-MED Radiology in a joint venture,’s technologyencompasses artificial intelligence (AI) that empowers chest X-ray clinicians with a second pair of eyes. In doing so, the system detects and improves efficiencies on up to 124 different findings on chest X-rays. last week announced it had become the first-ever radiology triage device to receive US FDA approval, confirming the receipt of 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the triage and notification of obstructive hydrocephalus (OHCP) on non-contrast brain CT scans.

Oli PPH is Sydney-based Baymatob’s first AI-guided medical product based on the Oli maternity sensor, monitoring and diagnostic platform. Its distinct claim to fame is that Oli PPH is the only product to have ever demonstrated the ability to identify women who are at higher risk of developing postpartum haemorrhage well before they give birth and allowing for clinical actions that prevent complications.

The HealthTech Award attracted interest from a range of digital health platforms, as well as related technology innovations such as devices, diagnostic and therapeutics, plus MedTech, pharmaceuticals and biotech innovation.

Outside of the HealthTech Award category, Femtek, a digital health company developing the first ever menstrual health-focused smart ring, has also been nominated for both the Translation Hero Award and Creative Technology and Software Award.

These finalists were selected by a panel of eminent judges, representing business, government, industry, and academia.

Voting for the People’s Choice Award will open in the coming weeks, where all finalists across all 11 categories are eligible to be nominated.

The InnovationAus Awards for Excellence 2023 winners will be announced at the Gala Dinner on Wednesday, 1 November in Sydney. Find out more here.