Health Canada approves Telix's Illuccix for prostate cancer imaging

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Telix (ASX:TLX) has announced that Health Canada has approved Illuccix [kit for the preparation of gallium (68Ga) gozetotide injection] for use in staging and re-staging intermediate and high-risk prostate cancer and localising tumour tissue in recurrent prostate cancer.

Illuccix after radiolabeling with gallium (68Ga) is indicated for use with the positron emission tomography (PET) of prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) positive lesions in men with prostate cancer.

PSMA PET is a diagnostic tool demonstrated to detect advanced prostate cancer.

Illuccix is the first PSMA PET imaging agent to be granted regulatory approval in Canada. Health Canada is the third regulatory body worldwide to approve Illuccix, which is commercially available in Australia and the US.

Dr Norman Laurin, the current president of the Quebec Association of Nuclear Medicine Specialists and past president of the Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine, said, “On average, 67 men in Canada are diagnosed with prostate cancer each day. Early detection, along with better understanding of the spread and stage of the disease can lead to more informed disease management decisions. Tools such as Illuccix are valuable as we look for better ways to detect prostate cancer in men.”

Kevin Richardson, the CEO Telix Americas, added, “PSMA PET imaging has been one of the most important developments in prostate cancer detection in recent years and we are very pleased that we can now bring this important diagnostic imaging agent to physicians and their patients across Canada.”

Illuccix will be made available in Canada to physicians and eligible patients through Telix’s partner, Isologic Innovative Radiopharmaceuticals (ISOLOGIC), whose distribution network services 265 hospitals and clinics nationwide.