Government invites new applications for global connections fund

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The federal government is inviting applications under four of the Global Connections Fund (GCF) Bridging Grants.

The GCF grants provide up to $50,000 for Australian researchers and businesses to support the development of their products.

A device for diagnosing Parkinson’s disease, virtual reality to improve health check-ups, and renewable fertiliser are some of the projects previously supported by the GCF.

Industry minister Karen Andrews said the grants are designed to strengthen international partnerships between small businesses and researchers.

“The grants will help strengthen business-researcher relationships and lead to the translation of research knowledge into market ready products and services,” said Minister Andrews.

“Connecting small and medium enterprises with the research community will help grow our economy and create new Australian jobs.

“This will also help get innovative ideas off the ground, with the funding supporting early stage proof of concept and knowledge transfer, product development and market testing.”

The GCF fund, which is administered by the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, has to date provided $4.2 million in grants.