Global valuation expert to host one-day course


One of Europe's top valuation experts is coming to Australia and will speak at a one-day training course designed as an introduction to the financial and business aspects of valuation for biotechnology and life sciences companies.

Dr Patrik Frei has over 20 years’ experience in biotechnology and life sciences. He has authored a number of publications on valuation, is the founder and CEO of Venture Valuation, and is considered Europe’s top valuation expert.

Novartis Venture Fund was Dr Frei's first client and he has completed over 500 valuations around the world.

His company runs and owns Biotechgate, a global database for the life sciences industry, which also provides the member directory for AusBiotech, and has worked for a number of top 10 global pharmaceutical companies.

Valuation is considered a key factor for any biotechnology or life sciences company. Course participants will learn how to calculate and determine the right assumption for any therapeutic product (pre-clinical, clinical or on the market), to structure a suitable licensing deal and understand how to assess a medtech or biotech company for financing rounds and M&A.

The course provides a combination of practical based presentation followed by two case studies - one for a company valuation and one for a product valuation and licensing deal. The participants will be able to learn how to do a valuation. The provided Excel model for the product valuation (rNPV) can be used and will be provided as a take-home tool. The case studies will be done in groups to also allow networking during the course and provide interactive learning.

The course is suitable for anybody active in the life sciences industry and involved in fundraising, licensing, technology transfer and business development.

The one-day course will be held on Tuesday, 24 October, from 10am-5pm, at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Those wanting to participate can register online. For any queries, please contact Dr Patrik Frei at