Firebrick Pharma provides update on timing of Phase 2 trial results

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Firebrick Pharma (ASX:FRE) says that the results of its Phase 2 trial of its Nasodine Nasal Spray will be available by the end of July.

This Phase 2 COVID-19 shedding study was conducted in South Africa, and results were previously expected in early July. However, according to the company, due to the unavailability of its statistician due to travel until after 21 July, the headline results can now be expected in the last week of July.

The company is commercialising the nasal spray treatment for the common cold based on the potential of povidone-iodine as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent. 

It is currently completing a second Phase 3 trial for Nasodine, to confirm its efficacy as a treatment for the common cold and support international approvals.