Extended deployment for Alcidion's Patient Flow Solution

Company News

The Northern Territory Department of Health has extended their relationship with Alcidion (ASX:ALC) with deployment of the company's Patient Flow Solution throughout Katherine Hospital.

According to the company, its Miya platform provides all the data necessary to best manage patient care, from the reception of the patient (Emergency Department or elective admissions) through the hospital wards and specialist clinical areas, through to discharge.

"Clinicians can access individual patient information on mobile devices at the point of care, on computer work stations distributed across the hospitals, and on large format digital displays in shared work areas," said the company in a statement.

"This data access includes clinical information such as pathology and radiology results as well as access to clinical documentation. Furthermore, the platform identifies emerging clinical risk and highlights 'at risk' patients to the clinicians.

"In the Emergency Department, clinical staff can quickly identify those patients nearing the National Emergency Access Target (NEAT) and plan care accordingly."

The patient flow component of Alcidion’s solution provides an overview of capacity and demand at both the ward and unit level, providing real time information about open and available beds, patients coming in (together with the admission source) and potential and confirmed ward discharges.

CEO of Alcidion Group, Mr Ray Blight, said, “We are delighted to see the Northern Territory Department of Health extend the relationship with Alcidion. Whilst this is a relatively small project, it reiterates the valued relationship between Alcidion and the Department of Health.”