European clearance for G Medical's ‘Prizma’

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Mobile and e-health company G Medical Innovations (ASX:GMV) has been granted 'CE' certification for its ‘Prizma’ medical smartphone case in Europe. 

The announcement is significant because it means the ‘Prizma’ can be made available over the counter as a medical device.

The ‘Prizma’ Medical Smartphone case is one of two products developed by G Medical and is aimed at consumers focused on their medical health and wellbeing. It allows consumers to turn their smartphone into a mobile medical monitor to measure a wide range of vital signs. It has the added advantage of enabling consumers to store their medical data in the cloud and share it with third parties such as healthcare professionals and family members. 

Certification for ‘Prizma’ in Europe follows its recent clearance in the US. The company is pursuing similar outcomes in China, Australia and other markets in line with the its business strategy.

“Being granted ‘CE’ certification so soon after the recent FDA announcement marks another significant development in our growth, and paves the way for the company in its business development and commercialization efforts," said G Medical CEO, Dr Yacov Geva.