EpiAxis Therapeutics and Peptilogics announce new collaboration

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EpiAxis Therapeutics has announced a new collaboration with Peptilogics under which they will aim to leverage artificial intelligence for drug discovery to inhibit epigenetic oncology targets.

The collaboration will combine EpiAxis Therapeutics’ expertise in epigenetics with Peptilogics’ AI platform (Nautilus).

EpiAxis Therapeutics CEO Dr Jeremy Chrisp said, "We are very pleased to be partnering with Peptilogics to use their receptor pharmacology and AI computing expertise to accelerate innovation and hopefully expand our candidate pipeline.

"An AI-driven paradigm shift is happening in drug discovery and EpiAxis is excited to be working with Peptilogics at the forefront of applying AI to the highly valuable space around novel epigenetic targets."

Peptilogics’ Nautilus platform enables in silico predictive peptide design across diverse targets to access new functional chemical space and design therapeutics.

"We are equally delighted to launch this collaboration with EpiAxis Therapeutics, a pioneer in the field of epigenetic cancer therapy," said Nicholas Nystrom PhD, chief technology officer of Peptilogics.

"We will focus on lead optimisation using Peptilogics’ Nautilus platform, which combines proprietary deep generative models, predictive models, and biophysical simulation to design multiparameter-optimized peptides with potential to address historically challenging and novel drug targets.

"With EpiAxis Therapeutics, we will explore further optimizing lead candidates for epigenetic cancer treatment, with the goal of reducing the risk, time, and cost for epigenetic drug design and development."