Engage early on reimbursement and regulation strategies


Australian start-ups and early-stage companies developing US/European regulatory and reimbursement strategies are encouraged to engage in AusBiotech’s newest BiotechTalk webcast and to learn about the processes that are essential for commercial success in Australia and internationally.

The webcast, 'Regulatory and Reimbursement 101: the pathway to commercialisation', offers an opportunity to navigate product development through to international access strategy. This includes exploring how to take an idea from a prototype, through planning for manufacture, collaborating with 'Big Medtech' and taking your product to commercialisation.

Medical technology (device and diagnostics) reimbursements are an extremely important consideration for any medtech early-stage company or emerging SME. Fuelled by a value-driven healthcare environment, the reimbursement landscape can certainly present a wide spectrum of challenges.

Developed in collaboration with AusBiotech’s AusMedtech Advisory Group and AusMedtech Regulatory Affairs Advsiory Group, this platform offers a chance to meet esteemed and experienced speakers.

The seminar features Grant Bennett, managing director and PharmaLex and chair and the AusMedtech and Regulatory Affairs Advisory Groups, Rebecca Gaudin of Johnson and Johnson Innovation, Sarah Griffin of Medtechnique Consulting, Dr Greg Roger, the founder and CEO of Vestech Medical and Ferando Gonzalo of Cochlear.

The webcast will take place on Thursday 31 March 2022 via Zoom and is available free of charge to AusBiotech members and $75 for non-members. Register now.

BiotechTalks is AusBiotech’s webcasting platform and enables the Australian biotechnology industry to stay connected, present ideas, projects and updates, and exchange knowledge.

The conversation of regulating medtech will continue at Australia’s premier medical technology conference, AusMedtech 2022, on 24-26 May, where an engaging lineup of keynote speakers and knowledgeable panellists will share their expertise and insights to further advance the sector nationally and globally.