Emyria announces positive initial MDMA-analogue screening and patent lodgement

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Emyria (ASX:EMD) says positive results have been received for the first batch of MDMA-analogues screened for neuroreceptor activity with the pharmaceutical development company, Eurofins.

The company said the first patent family has been filed supported by the initial screening data. It said 66 of 68 compounds from the initial batch successfully passed screening with no evidence of interactions with one or more of the 'anti-targets'. These are enzyme or cell receptor interactions associated with unwanted side effects.

The remaining compounds are now being evaluated for further screening and dose-response analysis with Eurofins. This is being guided by Emyria’s key advisors, Associate Professor Matt Piggott and Professor Mat Martin-Iverson.

Emyria said it is collaborating with Professor Iain McGregor of the University of Sydney to select and prioritise the lead compounds as well as select suitable models that can help predict the therapeutic potential of the hit compounds identified from in vitro screening.

Professor McGregor is Professor of Psychopharmacology and Academic Director of the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics at the University of Sydney.

A second selection of compounds is currently being prepared for initial screening with Eurofins. Additional novel compound synthesis has also commenced in collaboration with UWA to expand the analogue library.

Emyria managing director Dr Michael Winlo said: “These early results are promising with very few compounds excluded due to possible off-target concerns at the test concentrations. These results mean we have multiple compounds with therapeutic potential suitable for further screening and development. The MDMA analogue development program is progressing well. Our first patent has been filed and further IP filing is in progress.

"We are currently preparing the second selection of compounds for screening and have already started to synthesise new compounds which will further expand our drug discovery pipeline. We are also very pleased to be working with Professor Iain McGregor, an expert in characterising the effects of novel psychoactive substances to complement the skills of A/Prof Matt Piggott, Prof Mat Martin-Iverson, and assisted by Eurofins, to lead the follow-on screening and evaluation of this library. I look forward to updating the market with further progress and results as we advance against our development milestones in the coming months.”