EMVision says clinical trial progressing and ASA milestone achieved

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EMVision Medical Devices (ASX:EMV), which is developing portable brain imaging for stroke, has announced the third and final clinical trial site for its Gen 1 device, enabling faster detection and diagnosis of stroke.

Patient enrolment for the bedside scanner clinical trials is now open at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, Liverpool Hospital in Sydney and Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The three sites are undertaking comprehensive clinical trials of its Gen 1 portable brain device, which seeks to address the unmet clinical need for portable brain imaging to speed up diagnosis and bedside decision-making.

The clinical trial update has also triggered $600,000 in non-dilutive funding under the Medical Research Future Fund program in partnership with the Australian Stroke Alliance.

EMVision CEO and managing director Scott Kirkland said, “Our vision is to drive innovation in end-to-end stroke management, at the point-of-care, wherever the patient is. Our technology has the potential to enable earlier diagnosis in the acute phase and aid bedside post-treatment and intervention monitoring in a manner otherwise not possible today.

We’re making good progress in our study, amassing critical data from both ‘front door’ and follow-up scans and we look forward to continuing accelerated enrolment into the study and reporting to the market of its progress.”