EMVision Medical Devices announces agreement with Keysight

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EMVision Medical Devices (ASX:EMV) has announced an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement with Keysight Technologies Australia.

Keysight is a leader in radiofrequency (RF) test and measurement technology.

EMVision said that while Keysight is not a medical device manufacturer, it has a strong portfolio of Vector Network Analysers (VNA). EMVision said these are "core" to the sensors that are being used inside its portable brain scanner.

In April 2019, EMVision and Keysight entered into a strategic collaboration to develop the custom healthcare-focused VNA solutions that are the subject of this new agreement.

EMVision said it will receive the exclusive supply of the 'fast sweep' feature in the fully validated VNA, in the field of neuroimaging, subject to it fulfilling annual product volume forecast commitments.

"The VNA volume commitment in the 12-month period is to supply the VNA units for the planned clinical trials," said EMVision.

EMVision said the VNA has enabled its device to be further miniaturised, making it ideal for health care environments where space is at a premium.

"As a technology leader, Keysight is committed to working with industry experts like EMVision to drive breakthroughs in emerging medical technologies. Combining Keysight's test and measurement expertise and best-in-class solutions with EMVision's clinical product development expertise is anticipated to revolutionize emergency stroke diagnosis and treatment," said Huei Sin Ee, senior vice president of Keysight Technologies and president of Keysight’s electronic industrial solutions group.

EMVision CEO Dr Ron Weinberger said “the collaboration with Keysight has been first class. This Agreement recognises the roles that both parties have played in the development of the bespoke VNA over a period of 3 years. I would like to thank the Keysight team for their concerted work in developing a best-of-breed solution for EMVision and look forward to the commercial phase of our relationship.”