dorsaVi updates on US operations

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Medical device company dorsaVi (ASX:DVL) says it can report major commercial activity in the US and a strong pipeline of large contracts currently in negotiation.

"In the last month, dorsaVi has signed new contracts with a commercial value totalling more than AUD$250,000," it said.

The company’s wireless technology is designed to accurately measure and analyse the way people move.

The company provided an update on its US operations.

On the Occupational Health and Safety market, dorsaVi said its is pursuing opportunities through two channels - direct via the company's sales representatives, and in partnership with a number of organisations that provide complementary workplace health and safety consulting and/or solutions.

In the Clinical Market, the company announced in late February that Physiotherapy Associates, a leading national provider of physical and occupational outpatient rehabilitation services in the US, had signed an initial pilot program to offer dorsaVi wearable wireless sensors to assess sports medicine patients.

In the Sports Market, the company said the recent focus on the NBA Playoffs had provided heightened awareness of ViPerform via The Golden State Warriors, who have been using it since last year. A number of other NBA teams are now using the dorsaVi technology and additional sales are expected through referral.

According to Mark Heaysman, Head of Sales and Operations US, “The market in the US for our technology is massive and our approach to support multiple sales channels is proving successful and is allowing us to drive a more rapid ramp up of our operations in the US. Our contract size has also increased substantially with multiple contract signings in excess of AUD$100,000. We also expect to see repeat business with a number of large organisations.

“It is rewarding to see the investment we’ve made in the US market over the last 12 months now delivering returns. I’m excited about the coming year as we’re well placed to leverage the relationships we’ve put in place and make further inroads in the US market.”