dorsaVi announces launch of myViSafe

Company News

dorsaVi (ASX:DVL) has announced the commercial availability of myViSafe  - a manual handling movement analysis training and education solution for the workplace.

myViSafe is comprised of an application for use on a phone or tablet, four mini movement sensors and a desktop dashboard. The sensors can be worn on the back or shoulders to measure movement in real-time in the workplace.

Crown has been a development partner for the product, with myViSafe the culmination of a two-year partnership between the organisations.

myViSafe will be used by Crown across all business areas in both Melbourne and Perth. This large scale project will involve over 13,500 employees who will be regularly assessed based on the level of manual handling risk within their particular jobs. Through the adoption of the myViSafe solution, Crown anticipates a reduction in manual handling workplace incidents which account for more than 80 per cent of all workplace injuries.

“Crown’s vision for its workplace safety and its adoption of myViSafe shows Crown’s willingness to pioneer new solutions and think creatively to bring about real change,” said dorsaVi CEO Dr Andrew Ronchi.

According to Crown’s Group Manager of Health and Safety Wellbeing, Tony Graham, “myViSafe is a unique device that has the ability to reduce injury and risks, and is an initiative that complements Crown’s commitment to the health and safety of all employees, which is integral to the business. Crown is proud and excited to have worked with dorsaVi on this project, which has the potential to make a substantial, immediate impact on our workforce.”

In addition to Crown, two organisations have purchased myViSafe ahead of the commercial release – one in Australia and one in the US - said dorsaVi.

 “The interest in myViSafe prior to launch has been strong and we know that we’re filling a very real gap in the market with this interactive, personalised approach to manual handling training,” said Dr Ronchi.