Defining AusBiotech’s role in agritech and foodtech

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Members’ ideas are being sought by AusBiotech to identify a clearly defined role that adds value, and supports, those working in the food and agritech sector. AusBiotech is uniquely placed to connect the therapeutics and agricultural/foodtech sectors, and has membership and expertise in several convergent areas - such as antimicrobial resistance, medicinal cannabis and gene editing.

In a resource-constrained and bustling environment, AusBiotech is looking to hear from members to help shape what AusBiotech’s future role should be within this innovative and productive industry. Possible initiatives include:

  • Championing advocacy: ensuring an industry voice in current national and international drives to better address convergent topics, by working with the Federal Department of Health and Department of Agriculture
  • Staying relevant: Developing key messages to help ensure public discussions on new breeding technologies, or convergent and topic areas, are evidence-based. AusBiotech, together with three members, has begun developing a proposition paper for this project, however, needs a partnership in place to ensure resources are available to continue it.
    Focusing on growth: continue building partnerships or collaborations with other relevant industry organisations, such as with Global Table. Enabling education and framing thought leadership by running roundtables and continuing to include within national conference agendas.

AusBiotech is also seeking expressions of interest for new members to join our AusAg and Foodtech committee: a special interest industry group with broad expertise representing the agriculture and foodtech sectors.

The human health and animal health sectors face similar opportunities and challenges. Reflecting this, the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health has recently co-led a consultation on updating Australia’s antimicrobial resistance strategy to which AusBiotech prepared a submission.

Medicinal cannabis also holds both an agricultural dimension and human health purpose. It is gaining increasing coverage and popularity internationally and in Australia, featuring on the AusBiotech 2019 programme in October, and on Global Table’s conference in September – where AusBiotech is a proud Programme Partner.

Contact Andrew Mosley, Director, Policy and Programmes, with ideas on how to shape AusBiotech’s role in this agritech and foodtech: 03 9828 1412 or