Cynata Therapeutics secures US patent for Use of the Cymerus MSCs in Asthma

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Cell therapy company Cynata Therapeutics (ASX:CYP) has secured a US patent covering the use of its Cymerus mesenchymal stem cell technology in treating asthma and allergic airways disease (AAD).

The company said the patent application entitled 'Method for Treating Allergic Airways Disease (AAD)/Asthma' is wholly owned by Cynata. The inventors are Professor Chrishan Samuel, a Monash Biomedicine Discovery Fellow and Head of the Fibrosis Laboratory, and Dr Simon Royce, Research Fellow, Department of Pharmacology at Monash University.

Cynata said it anticipates that the patent will be granted around October 2022, with an expiration date of 31 August 2038.

Cynata CEO Dr Ross Macdonald said, “We are delighted that Professor Samuel’s investigations around the utility of Cynata’s proprietary MSCs in lung disease has resulted in yet a further patent, particularly in the commercially vital jurisdiction of the USA.

"This new milestone builds on our portfolio of wholly-Cynata-owned patents and patent applications, providing further protection over our proprietary Cymerus technology to 2038 and beyond, particularly in the field of diseases of the lungs.

"The ability of the Cymerus platform to enable the production of consistent, high-quality mesenchymal stem cells at scale is a major competitive advantage and key to the ongoing development of off-the-shelf therapeutic stem cell products to target a range of devastating diseases worldwide."