Cyclopharm says milestone achieved with first US patients imaged with Technegas

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Cyclopharm (ASX:CYC) has announced that its first US-based Technegas clinical patients were imaged at two clinical sites last week.

The company said these events follow the US FDA approval of Technegas last October and the subsequent rollout of its plan for market penetration in medical facilities across the US.

Cyclopharm said the two locations represent the first clinical patients to be imaged in the US. They also signify immediate and ongoing clinical revenues for Technegas.

CEO James McBrayer said, “We are very pleased to see the clinical use of Technegas underway within days of installation and training at these sites and look forward to implementing Technegas to their affiliate locations in the coming months. Most significant is the fact that US patients are now benefitting from our Technegas technology, joining those in 64 other countries globally where our leading imaging solution is already established.”

“We are grateful for the ongoing clinical guidance and partnership of the clinical leaders at these locations as well as for the support of the entire nuclear medicine and administration teams who have helped us navigate through the implementation process. We are very pleased that these sites are the first to use Technegas clinically in the United States,” said Mr McBrayer.