CSL announces seven new Global Research Acceleration Initiative projects

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CSL’s Research Acceleration Initiative (RAI) has awarded new partnerships with a potential $500,000 investment in each program over two years.

The initiative aims to fast-track the discovery of innovative biotherapies to address unmet medical needs.

The CSL Research Acceleration Initiative (RAI) establishes partnerships between the company and global research organisations to progress discoveries towards real-world treatments and accelerate the commercialisation of promising discovery programs. The initiative includes funding as well as access to CSL R&D experts.

The selected investigators and technologies are in France, Singapore, the UK and Germany.

They are developing novel therapeutic candidates for vascular diseases, therapeutic nanobodies for the prevention and treatment of vaso-occlusive crisis in sickle cell disease without increased risk of infections, improvements in diagnosis and treatment of neurovascular diseases by targeting micro-thrombi with nanoparticles, T cells for the treatment of autoimmune myositis and increased muscle regeneration after injury, DNA repair proteins to enhance insertional gene editing in human cells, mRNA-based solutions to minimise the loss of haematopoietic stem cell function occurring during an ex vivo gene therapy protocol, and the targeting of long non-coding RNAs to enable precision-interventions in misguided immune-circuits during systemic inflammatory response-syndrome.

Dr Marthe D’Ombrain, CSL’s head of Global Research Innovation, said, “Through our Global Research Acceleration Initiative, we can tap into and support research innovation happening in all corners of the world. Excitingly, this last tranche of RAI awardees includes a new partnership in Asia, and another in the UK which is a first for the expanding initiative, and reflects CSL’s intent to further partner with world-class researchers around the world.

“Europe continues to be an important base for partnering for CSL and reflects the high calibre of research occurring across the continent. We look forward to collaborating with our new partners to support the development of their exciting discoveries."

CSL said the recipients are conducting research in areas that aim to address unmet medical needs in several of its therapeutic areas, which include immunology, nephrology and transplant, respiratory, hematology, cardiovascular and metabolic disease, and vaccines.

Dr D’Ombrain said that the recipients’ research is in underserved areas where there are often limited or no existing treatment options available for patients.

“Through our unique and dedicated partnership approach, CSL’s Global Research Acceleration Initiative is a vital component in helping us deliver on our promise and make a difference to the lives of patients across the globe.

“Importantly, we share this same passion and unwavering dedication as the researchers that we partner with and we are looking forward to working with our seven new collaborators in the years to come,” said Dr D’Ombrain.