COVID-19: Government announces funding for clinical trials

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Health minister Greg Hunt has announced the government will provide $25 million from the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) for clinical trials focussed on preventing and treating COVID-19.

"Research is a key weapon in the fight against COVID-19 – and this funding will help to ensure that Australian researchers are on the frontline of the fight," said Mr Hunt.

The funding is being made available through the MRFF's Clinical Trials Activity initiative.

"This initiative has a focus on addressing areas of health burden and unmet medical need – and, unequivocally, the COVID-19 pandemic represents an area of unmet medical need for all Australians," said Mr Hunt.

"It poses a significant and urgent threat to global health. It is a debilitating, life-threatening health condition, with, so far, no satisfactory options for prevention, diagnosis, early detection or treatment.

"Providing funding for research into a disease such as COVID-19 is precisely why the Government established the MRFF. It allows for rapid funding of critical research to support and protect the Australian community.

"These MRFF grants will fund crucial clinical trials to investigate effective mechanisms for the prevention and/or treatment of COVID-19 or its symptoms. Such mechanisms can then be translated into policy or practice," added Mr Hunt.