Commercialisation a key priority in future MRFF decisions


AusBiotech has welcomed the inclusion of commercialisation as a key priority in the recently launched Australian Medical Research and Innovation Priorities 2022-2024.

The important strategic document will inform government decisions on Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) investments in health and medical research.

‘Translation and commercialisation’ is one of the nine priorities, emphasising a focus on ‘research translation implementation and commercialisation by facilitating collaborations between the research sector, industry and community’.

The independent Australian Medical Research Advisory Board (AMRAB) develops the five-year Australian Medical Research and Innovation Strategy, and the priorities will be in force for two years.

AusBiotech CEO Lorraine Chiroiu said this is good news for the sector but the focus needs to be maintained over the long term to have a positive effect.

“Australia’s health and medical researchers are world-class, and by prioritising commercialisation as part of the overall strategy, the fund can truly deliver the benefits of their research and innovation to all Australians,” she said.

The $20 billion MRFF was developed as a long-term investment to support Australia’s world-class health and medical research and innovation. The goal of the fund is that it will help to build the economy, contribute to a more sustainable health system and to improving the lives of Australians.

The other 2022-2024 Priorities are:

  • Research infrastructure and capability;
  • Health and medical researcher capacity and capability;
  • Comparative effectiveness research;
  • Consumer-driven research;
  • Preventive and public health research;
  • Primary care research support;
  • Priority Populations; and,
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health.

Learn more about the MRFF Strategy and Priorities and the responses to the public consultation submissions.