Clinical program with the Lambert Initiative expands to include Avecho’s oral cannabidiol

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Avecho Biotechnology (ASX:AVE) has announced that its ongoing collaboration with the Lambert Initiative at the University of Sydney will expand to include a series of clinical trials examining new clinical indications for cannabidiol (CBD) using the company's CBD soft-gel capsule.

Avecho has previously collaborated with the Lambert Initiative on a Phase 2 clinical trial examining the use of a topical CBD TPM gel for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the fingers and hands.

Results from this study were presented by Lambert Initiative researchers at the International Cannabinoid Research Society Symposium on the Cannabinoids in June 2022.

Avecho said a larger topical CBD trial is currently being planned with the Lambert Initiative for 2023, as is a further study that will examine a topical cannabigerol (CBG) TPM product.

Avecho has developed an oral CBD soft-gel capsule, enhanced by its proprietary TPM technology to increase absorption, which is a major limitation of existing cannabinoid therapy.

According to Professor Iain McGregor, academic director of the Lambert Initiative, ”We have early evidence supporting the use of CBD in a number of new clinical indications and intend to examine these further in human clinical trials. We have been impressed by both the products, and the quality of the science, emerging from Avecho. Consequently, we are delighted to continue our productive collaboration with the company to use their oral CBD product for our forthcoming clinical trials examining novel indications.”

Avecho CEO Dr Paul Gavin added, “While our Company remains principally focused on the upcoming Phase III trial of our oral CBD soft-gel product, it has always been our intention to allow others to examine further clinical applications of our formulations in other indications of value and interest. The Lambert Initiative are Australia’s foremost experts in cannabinoid research, and we have learnt much about the clinical potential of cannabinoids through our interactions. Their decision to use Avecho’s CBD product in their own studies is testament to the clinical relevance of the work we’ve conducted over the last three years on product development in the cannabinoid space.”