Clarity strengthens protection of SAR-bisPSMA product with China patent

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Clinical stage radiopharmaceutical company Clarity Pharmaceuticals (ASX:CU6) has announced that a patent application covering its optimised Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA) targeting agent, SAR-bisPSMA, has been granted in China. 

The patent has already been granted in the US, Australia and Mexico. It has an expiry date of 5 June 2038.

The company said the patent application remains under review in other major jurisdictions, including Europe and Japan.

SAR-bisPSMA is a Targeted Copper Theranostic (TCT) for the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer as well as other cancers expressing PSMA.

Executive chairman Dr Alan Taylor said, “We are very pleased with our broad and evolving patent protection for all of our products, but in particular for one of our core products, with this composition-of-matter patent now granted in the USA, Australia, China and Mexico. This further strengthens our position as we progress the clinical development of SAR-bisPSMA. This milestone continues Clarity’s strong emphasis on Intellectual Property (IP) protection covering the SAR Technology platform and each new product that stems from it.

“Clarity’s aggressive patenting strategy enables us to successfully leverage our IP to achieve strong protection and develop a pipeline of next-generation radiopharmaceuticals. This allows us to gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the field as we continue pursuing our ultimate goal of developing better treatments for children and adults with cancer.”