China 'market ready' seminars for biotech

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The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science – Entrepreneurs’ Programme (Medtech and Pharma Growth Sector), supported by Austrade, has invited CEOs and senior executives of Australian health and medtech companies looking at the China market to participate in the China Market Ready Medtech and Pharma Seminar.

The one-day seminars will be held in Sydney (Tuesday 28 February), Brisbane (Thursday 2 March), Melbourne (Tuesday 7 March) and Adelaide (Thursday 9 march).

China market specialists Rob Scott, Director, China BlueSky and Brendan Mason, former General Manager, Cochlear Greater China, will deliver the seminar.

Scott and Mason have over 20 years combined experience in managing companies and advising clients in the China medtech and biotech space. The programme also includes 2 hours of tailored consultation time for companies to confidentially seek advice on market development and key China market challenges.

The seminar is designed to help companies develop knowledge to plan their China market entry, including understanding its complicated regulatory requirements, payment systems and reimbursements programmes. Participants will also learn how to build long-term successful business partnerships in China and how to assess, manage and mitigate IP and other risks.

Participants can register online.