Chimeric Therapeutics updates on CLTX CAR T clinical trial

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Clinical-stage cell therapy company Chimeric Therapeutics (ASX:CHM) has announced that all patients dosed in the third cohort of a clinical trial have advanced beyond the 28-day follow-up period without experiencing dose-limiting toxicities.

The phase 1A CHM 1101 (CLTX CAR T) clinical trial is being conducted at the City of Hope National Medical Center in the US.

Patients in the third cohort received a total dose of 240 X 10⁶ CHM 1101 (CLTX CAR T) cells through dual routes of intratumoral (ICT) and intraventricular (ICV) administration.

The company said the milestone means the trial will advance to the fourth and final dose cohort in which patients will be treated with a total dose of 440 X 10⁶ CHM 1101 CAR T cells by ICT and ICV administration.

Chimeric Therapeutics has licensed the exclusive global rights to intellectual property covering the chlorotoxin CAR-T cells from the City of Hope.

The Phase 1A study aims to enrol 18-36 patients with MMP2+ recurrent or progressive GBM across four dose levels. Study objectives are to evaluate the safety and efficacy of CLTX CAR T and to establish recommended dosing for a phase 2 trial.