Chimeric Therapeutics provides additional information on vitro data for CHM 1301

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Cell therapy company Chimeric Therapeutics (ASX:CHM) has provided additional information on its previously announced positive in vitro data for CHM 1301.

CHM 1301 is a next-generation chlorotoxin (CLTX) chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) NK cell therapy.

CHM 1301 was studied in preclinical in vitro human ovarian and pancreatic cancer models, demonstrating highly promising efficacy, said the company.

In ovarian cancer, cell killing was increased up to 260 per cent as compared to first-generation CHM 0201 cells, while in pancreatic cancer, cell killing was increased up to 300 per cent as compared to first-generation CHM 0201 cells.

Chimeric said that based on the success of the studies, it is advancing the CHM 1301 program to the next stage of preclinical development using its recently developed armoured NK cell platform (CHM 0301), to further enhance cell potency and resistance against the immunosuppressive solid tumor microenvironment.

“We are very pleased with the rapid success being shown with our next-generation CHM 1301 platform. We believe this work is highly impactful as it demonstrates the synergy of the assets that currently exist in Chimeric’s portfolio, the ability for Chimeric to expand into new disease areas and the potential for enhanced efficacy with an off the shelf version of our CHM 1101 CAR,” said Jennifer Chow, CEO and managing director of Chimeric Therapeutics.

“Being able to achieve this success through our cost effective, academic collaboration with Dr David Wald at Case Western Reserve University also enables Chimeric to continue to build out a promising next generation pipeline while focusing resources on our current clinical stage assets.”