Chimeric Therapeutics announces final results from Phase 1 trial of CORE NK Platform


Clinical-stage cell therapy company Chimeric Therapeutics (ASX:CHM) has announced the results of the phase 1 clinical trial of its CORE NK platform.

The Clinically validated, Off the shelf, Robust, Enhanced Natural Killer (CORE) cell platform was completed at Case Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The company said that in the trial, nine heavily pretreated patients with blood cancers (n=3) and solid tumours (n=6) were administered two infusions (day 0 and day 14) at one of three different CORE NK dose levels.

"The results saw all three of the patients with blood cancers that were treated achieve a best response of stable disease at day 28," it said, adding, "1 of the 3 patients deepened their response to achieve a Complete Response (CR) by the 100-day assessment."

"This patient received an allogeneic transplant as a consolidation therapy and more than 15 months later remains in remission. Of the other two patients who achieved stable disease at day 28, one had progressed by day 100 while the other maintained their disease stability."

Of the 6 patients with solid tumours (colorectal cancer and colon cancer), a 33 per cent Disease Control Rate (DCR) was demonstrated with two of the six patients achieving a best response of stable disease by day 28. 1 of the 2 patients who had achieved stable disease at day 28 maintained their disease stability at day 100.

All patients tolerated CORE NK well, with no dose-limiting toxicities, no cytokine release syndrome, and no graft versus host disease," said the company.

It said it is now advancing the development of its CORE NK platform with plans to increase the administered NK cell doses, provide optimised exogenous cytokine support or other complementary agents and promote tumour bed infiltration in solid tumours through the development of CAR NK therapies.

“We are incredibly excited to share these data as we believe that it demonstrates the transformational potential for our CORE NK platform,” said CEO Jennifer Chow.