Chimeric announces re-opening of Phase 1B study of CHM CORE-NK

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Australian cell therapy company Chimeric Therapeutics (ASX:CHM) has announced that the investigator-sponsored Phase 1B study of CHM CORE-NK plus vactosertib has re-opened for enrolment. 

CHM CORE-NK is a universal off-the-shelf NK cell therapy manufactured with the CORE-NK platform. It can produce hundreds of doses in a single manufacturing run.

CHM CORE-NK was previously studied in a Phase 1 clinical trial that established safety with no GvHD (Graft versus Host Disease), prolonged NK cell persistence at 28 days, and an encouraging early efficacy signal, particularly in blood cancers where all patients achieved disease control. One patient achieved a complete response that was sustained for over 15 months at the time of study publication. 

Chimeric said the Phase 1B study (NCT05400122) is intended to build upon the clinical responses seen in the initial CHM CORE-NK Phase 1A clinical trial by adding the oral TGF-β receptor inhibitor vactosertib. The study is designed to treat 12 patients with either locally advanced/metastatic colorectal cancer or relapsed/refractory blood cancers. 

“We are very happy that this study has reopened, and we look forward to advancing this exciting new cell therapy combination for cancer patients,” said Dr Rebecca McQualter, the chief operating officer of Chimeric.