Chimeric announces positive preliminary data for CLTX CAR-T in brain cancer trial

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Australian cell therapy company Chimeric Therapeutics (ASX:CHM) has announced positive clinical data for its CLTX CAR-T in heavily pretreated, late-stage, recurrent glioblastoma patients.

The data is based on a Phase 1A trial conducted at City of Hope, one of the largest cancer research and treatment organizations in the US.

Patients treated in the Phase 1A trial were heavily pretreated, on average receiving CLTX CAR-T as fourth-line therapy.

The company said patients treated across all four dose levels of the trial achieved a 55 per cent Disease Control Rate, exceeding expectations and historical disease control rates of 20 to 37 per cent for patients treated in the second-line setting.

“The CLTX CAR-T dose escalation preliminary data are truly encouraging and have exceeded our expectations, particularly given that the patients enrolled were heavily pretreated and very late stage,” said Jennifer Chow, the CEO and managing director of Chimeric Therapeutics.

“Historical therapies for recurrent Glioblastoma have generally been studied in patients with a median of 1 prior line of therapy. In contrast, the CLTX CAR-T study enrolled patients with a median of 3 prior lines of therapy. The disease control rate of 55% is beyond that observed in patients treated with 2nd line therapy in historical clinical trials. Most exciting to us though, is that despite the advanced nature of the patients studied, CLTX CAR-T demonstrated median survival of ~ 10 months for those that achieved disease control , with two patients demonstrating survival beyond 14 months. These data strongly demonstrate the potential utility of CLTX CAR-T for patients with recurrent GBM.”