Change in leadership for medicinal cannabis company Little Green Pharma

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Little Green Pharma (ASX:LGP) has announced a leadership transition with chief executive officer, Fleta Solomon, to step aside at the end of August.

The board of directors has appointed Paul Long, the company's current chief operating officer (COO), as the incoming CEO.

The company said the change represents a "seamless" leadership transition that aims to continue its journey of growth and innovation in the medicinal cannabis industry.

Ms Solomon, the company's founder, will remain on the board with a part-time executive role focused on external communications, market positioning, ESG, and branding.

Ms Solomon said, “After seven years in the role as CEO, living and breathing Little Green Pharma, I’ve elected to reduce my workload and focus increasingly on those parts of the LGP business I’m most passionate about.

"While this is a difficult decision personally, it was made much easier knowing we have a ready-made replacement in our COO Paul Long.”