Change in leadership for Cochlear North America

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Cochlear has announced that Lisa Aubert will succeed the retiring Tony Manna as the president of its North American operation.

Tony Manna joined Cochlear in 2005 and held various positions including area vice president of sales in the US, president of Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions in Gothenburg. He has led the company's North American business since 2015.

President and CEO Dig Howitt said, “Tony and the Cochlear North America Team have been responsible for delivering strong growth in sales revenue over the last six years by expanding awareness and driving referrals for our implantable hearing solutions.

"The focus on customer service and support has strengthened our competitive position. Tony has been an outstanding leader across all his roles, building and supporting a strong team to achieve outstanding execution. I would like to thank Tony for his great contribution to Cochlear and wish him well in his retirement.”

Lisa Aubert joined Cochlear in 1994 and is currently the vice president of sales for North America. In her 27 years with the company, she has served in a number of increasingly senior roles, culminating in the new appointment to lead the North American business from April 2022.

Mr Howitt added, “I’m very pleased to announce Lisa’s appointment to the role of President, Cochlear North America. Lisa has already made an outstanding contribution to Cochlear and our customers and has the experience, knowledge and character to lead the continued growth of our North American business. Over the next few months Lisa will work with Tony to transition to the new role.”