Cellmid announces new US patent

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Cellmid (ASX:CDY) has announced that the US Patent Office has granted Lyramid’s patent application 14/004,548 entitled 'Antibody recognizing N-domain of midkine'.

The company also announced it has received ‘Notification of Intention to Grant’ from the European Patent Office for the corresponding patent in key European territories (EPO Application No. 12757658.5).

"This patent family protects the composition of antibodies that recognize regions within the N-domain of midkine (MK) protein, as well as their use in several disease settings including cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune conditions," said the company in a statement.

The N-domain patent family builds-on the already granted Australian, US and European patents entitled 'Antibody recognizing C-domain of midkine' covering the murine monoclonal antibody IP14.

According to the company, together with the patent application 'Improved midkine antibody' for CAB102, the humanised form of IP14 (PCT/AU2015/050629 - under examination), these related patents provide comprehensive protection for its antibody assets.

"The newly granted midkine antibody patents and allied patent families underpin the Company’s dominant intellectual property position over the use of therapeutic midkine antibodies for the treatment of diseases arising from cancer, chronic inflammation, surgical adhesions and functional disorders in T-regulatory cells associated with autoimmune diseases," it said.

The company said it has also recently filed two new provisional patent applications for Lyramid’s N-domain antibodies; the first one covering the areas of accelerated bone healing following fractures, the second for the treatment of chronic inflammatory heart failure (myocarditis).

These patent applications have been filed following research collaborations formed at the Midkine Symposia and highlight the potential for further deployment of Lyramid’s intellectual property in clinically relevant scenarios.