Cell & Gene Catalyst webinar to highlight opportunities for sector


Australia’s Cell & Gene Catalyst (the Catalyst) invites the sector to its first webinar, outlining the opportunities it provides for Australia and for engagement.

The joint Catalyst and AusBiotech webinar titled Accelerating Australia’s cell and gene industry – are we ready?”, being held on 1 May, brings together ecosystem leaders to discuss the emerging cell and gene therapy sector in Australia.

Targeted at industry and researchers working in advanced therapeutics and stakeholders keen to understand the growing cell and gene therapy sector in Australia, this webinar will introduce the role of the Catalyst in fostering the development of the Australian ecosystem, its key objectives, and how those in the sector can contribute to the Catalyst.

Hosted by Dr Robyn Lindner, General Manager, AusBioNSW (an initiative of AusBiotech), the webinar will feature panellists Dr Marguerite Evans-Galea, Director, Cell & Gene Catalyst; Dr Phillip Thompson, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre; Quentin Bracquart, IQVIA; and Sue MacLeman, Viral Vector Manufacturing Facility.

Cell and gene products are a new generation of medical treatments that involve delivering complex biological components. These therapies provide significant optimism in addressing medical challenges, and are already producing long-lasting and life-changing results for patients with rare diseases and cancer. The global cell and gene industry is accelerating and the demand for the growing and diversifying suite of therapies is high.  

Australia’s Cell and Gene Catalyst is a national joint venture established and co-led by AusBiotech and Medicines Australia, with support from committed partners. The Catalyst aims to accelerate Australia’s cell and gene industry to ensure everyone in Australia has access to advanced therapeutics. It is particularly focussed on building Australia’s capabilities across the entire value chain.  In doing so, there is the opportunity to position Australia as a regional leader in cell and gene manufacturing by providing world-leading manufacturing capabilities, research, clinical trials, and translational know-how.  

The Catalyst is supported by Cell Therapies, CSL Behring, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, and Therapeutic Innovation Australia as members of its Expert Steering Group.

The webinar is open to both AusBiotech members and non-members. Register here.