Celebrating industry leaders on International Clinical Trials Day


AusBiotech is delighted to be presenting the inaugural Industry Partnership Award at the 2022 ACTA National Tribute and Awards Ceremony in Sydney, which coincides with the celebration of International Clinical Trials (CT) Day on 20 May.

The new Award will showcase the impactful outcomes that sector and industry partnerships can have on trials and better healthcare.

International Clinical Trials Day recognises Australia’s leadership and excellence in CTs and the important role it plays in Australia’s economy, healthcare and social fabric, with benefits far beyond helping develop new treatments.

International CT Day is celebrated around the world on 20 May to commemorate the day when James Lind commenced what is recognised as the first-ever randomised CT in scurvy in 1747, laying the foundations for modern clinical research.

ACTA’s Ceremony will include the announcement of the award winners for the ACTA Trial of the Year Award, the ACTA Consumer Involvement Award, the ACTA STInG Excellence in Trial Statistics Award, and the new ACTA Industry Partnership Award. Earlier this year, AusBiotech encouraged the CT sector to submit nominations for the 2022 Awards. For more information on the 2022 ACTA Awards, click here.

Australia offers a competitive and world-class CT ecosystem, and AusBiotech has been promoting and advocating for over a decade to keep it in its principal position.

Actively participating in formal quorums and processes, AusBiotech sits on the Federal Government’s Clinical Trials Collaborative Forum which identifies issues, exchanges information and engages in collaborative problem solving, with a view to reducing duplication and improving the CT environment. AusBiotech has also engaged with its Clinical Trials Advisory Group on the Clinical Trials Governance Framework, which aims to improve quality, efficiency and timeliness of CT by reducing duplication and increasing efficiency, cohesion and productivity across the CT sector.

Australia’s global leadership in CTs is promoted by AusBiotech at international speaking opportunities, such as at JP Morgan, BioKorea, and BIO. Earlier this year, AusBiotech hosted a webcast during JP Morgan week, to demonstrate the value of Australia's CT and medical innovation advantages. Working in Australia offers a compelling opportunity for CT, and this webcast connected with international companies and showcased the country’s opportunities and capabilities that can be taken advantage of.

The conversation on clinical trials will continue during AusMedtech 2022, in-person from 24 – 26 May in Melbourne. Join the discussion, registrations remain open.