Cannatrek Foundation to provide support for veterans and first responders

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Australian health tech company Cannatrek has launched a foundation to support some of Australia’s most vulnerable patients, including veterans and first responders, with access to medicinal cannabis.

The company said the Cannatrek Foundation will operate separately. Its support will include access to subsidised or free therapies for eligible community members, including veterans, first responders, health professionals, the elderly, children, cancer patients, and other vulnerable groups.

>“We believe in giving back. We aim to make life-changing medicines accessible to all patients in Australia, regardless of their socio-economic status," said Cannatrek founder and CEO Tommy Huppert.

“To have achieved not-for-profit status last week is comforting, it means that the Foundation can help more people moving forward, further expanding its programs and capture the culture of care," he said.

Cannatrek said the foundation was established to expand and formalise the support it has already provided during the past two years through a Compassionate Access Support Program (CASP). It said CASP will now become part of the foundation.

Dr Craig Nossel, an inaugural director of the Cannatrek Foundation, said, "The Foundation will explore innovative plant-based solutions to tackle mental illness and other challenges facing our vets and first responders. We are partnering with universities and hospitals to discover new therapies to more effectively treat diseases such as anxiety disorder and PTSD."

“Our commitment to giving back to our patients continues in 2023 as we expand our efforts further. The Cannatrek Foundation’s aim is to improve the lives of patients who require access to medicinal cannabis, but find the cost prohibitive," said Mr Huppert.

“At Cannatrek, we care about the health and well-being of all our patients. We work hard to make it possible for all medicinal cannabis patients to easily access the treatment they need to stay healthy and well.”