Call for feedback on revised clinical quality registries framework

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The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare has launched a public consultation on its revised clinical quality registries framework, and AusBiotech members impacted by the guidance are invited to get in touch.

First published in 2014, the updated Framework for Australian Clinical Quality Registries Second Edition (the Framework 2nd edition) provides best practice principles and guidance for establishing and operating Australian national clinical quality registries (CQRs).

The Framework has been revised to provide more up-to-date guidance on governance and national infrastructure and security compliance in order to optimise the operational efficiencies of CQRs. It is intended to support the best use of data in reporting and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

AusBiotech is considering submitting recommendations on the Framework, and any member impacted by the revision should contact the policy team to discuss their concerns.

CQRs are an important element of Australia’s healthcare system as they help to identify variations in health outcomes which can be further analysed via clinical trials. In this way, they are an important part of the ecosystem of data that supports the understanding of health outcomes and the development of evidence-based clinical guidelines and standards.

For further information and to read the Framework, consult the Commission’s website. AusBiotech members are invited to provide their concerns and feedback to Karen Parr, Director of Policy by 24 March 2023.