Call for appropriate nominations for PBAC


Changes to the arrangements for Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) membership now include an opportunity for the Minister to appoint an industry member. AusBiotech is now included amongst the three possible nominating bodies and seeks appropriate expressions of interest from the AusBiotech membership by Tuesday 20 October.

At least three nominees have been invited from each of the three nominating bodies, which include Medicines Australia and the Generics and Biosimilars Industry Association.

Appropriate nominees would have the ability to interpret comparative outcomes of a medicine, appraise scientific evidence and to determine weak from strong evidence.

Appointment to the PBAC is remunerated and would include three three-day meetings each year, appropriate preparation for each meeting and possibly up to three one-day meetings where required.

AusBiotech has been invited to submit nominees by 28 October and will hold discussions with Medicine Australia in the interim.

Expressions of interest are invited to AusBiotech’s Chief industry Affairs Officer, Lorraine Chiroiu at or 03 9828 1414 by close of business Tuesday 20 October 2015.