Botanix updates investors on new BTX 1801 data

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Medical dermatology company Botanix Pharmaceuticals (ASX:BOT) has updated investors on the findings of the BTX 1801 antimicrobial study.

According to the company, the study shows the potential for BTX 1801 to treat serious skin infections. The presentation also outlines key findings from the recently released successful Phase 1b BTX 1308 psoriasis study.

According to founder and executive director, Matt Callahan, “Botanix is proud to be showcasing one of the most mature clinical pipelines of any cannabinoid company in the world and the recently released mechanism of action data and new antimicrobial data, represent groundbreaking and novel applications of CBD.

"Not only do we now have a strong understanding of how CBD impacts inflammatory and immune response pathways, we have generated new data supporting our potential to produce the world’s first non-resistance forming antibiotic against superbugs. With data from the Phase 2 programs (acne and atopic dermatitis) anticipated in the coming months, Botanix is rapidly progressing towards a number of further value inflection points.”