Biointelect announces new collaboration

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Consulting firm Biointelect has announced a strategic collaboration with US-based New Perspectives it says will provide expanded capabilities for clients requiring integrated global approaches for bringing potential produces to market.

Biointelect was established over five years ago as a strategic planning and commercialisation consultancy that provides a range of services to life sciences companies.

Its managing director is Jennifer Herz. Ms Herz is the former head of Sanofi Pasteur Australia and also served on the board of Medicines Australia. 

Experienced senior industry market access executive David Grainger is the consultancy's head of global health outcomes and policy.

In a statement, Ms Herz said the formal alignment with New Perspectives will expand its service offerings in the areas of commercialisation strategy and planning, health economics and outcomes research, health policy, market access and analytics, and global business development.

"Our expertise ranges across small start-up ventures to large and complex multinational companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device sectors," said Biointelect in a statement.

"Through our strategic partnership, we pair our years of expertise to successfully drive global commercialisation; we are partners bound by the philosophy that clients must consider how to build meaningful value into their assets at all stages of development as they look to license their product or develop their market entry strategy."

According to Ms Herz, “Together, we offer BioTech, MedTech and Pharma a truly global, leading healthcare strategic planning firm.”