BioCurate in new partnership with the European Healthtech Venture Builder

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BioCurate and NLC, the European Healthtech Venture Builder based in the Netherlands, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that enables sharing of scientific and commercial expertise and collaboration on projects to bring new therapies to market.

BioCurate is the independently operated joint venture between The University of Melbourne and Monash University.

It said it shares complementary strengths with NLC that could combine to facilitate healthcare innovation.

Both organisations target early-stage projects. Their partnership seeks to improve the chances of success of current and future projects by improving their access to the scarce skills and resources required to translate scientific discoveries into commercially viable therapies.

“We’re thrilled to expand BioCurate’s network of international strategic partners through this new agreement with NLC," said BioCurate chair, The Hon. John Brumby AO.

"It takes a village to produce new, commercially viable therapies. This partnership helps to ensure the fantastic research taking place in Victoria’s leading academic laboratories has a better chance of becoming medicines that improve people’s lives. It also means NLC has access to the incredible talent we have in Victoria to support the success of the projects in their portfolio.”

Bert-Arjan Millenaar, the CEO of NLC, added, “By collaborating with BioCurate, a leader in translating novel technologies to therapeutics, NLC is taking an exciting step forward in the biotech space and expands its expert network and reach to the southern hemisphere. We consider BioCurate a strategic partner for our joint mission to create novel therapies for unmet needs and we look forward to bringing science to life together.”